My work is informed by the scientific and the spiritual. I am interested in how they can reference the same phenomena from completely different perspectives, and wonder at what is shared between them. How they describe human experience and the world we inhabit through ideas of energy, processes and patterns.

My work is non-representational, composed mostly of lines and dots. The process of making the painting is an investigation into the consequence of repetition and focus. Much like the meditation practice of repeating a mantra over and over again, the application and accumulation of each mark becomes a transformative event, allowing the painting to continually evolve according to it’s own internal logic. The background color is built up through many thin layers of color. The dots are applied one a time with the tip of a bamboo skewer.

The pattern that emerges evolves organically, much as patterns in nature emerge, the placement of one dot determining the location of the next dot in relationship to it. Colors overlap and merge to create subtle variations and a luminosity that invites closer inspection.

The final painting is a self-contained world, reflecting back all of the moments of time involved in it’s creation. My intention is that the energy imparted into the work through it’s process of creation is transferred back to a viewer through their perception.